Claims Being Denied for Compensation Due to Pyrite Damage

Many claims for compensation due to pyrite damage are being denied by the Pyrite Resolution Board as people are not following the correct procedure to claim the required funding.

The Pyrite Resolution Board was established to aid in the reparation of homes that have been damaged by pyrite, and €10 million has been made available in funding to aid with this work. However, in spite of these measures, many homeowners have been prevented from claiming compensation for such damage because they either live in the wrong areas, or have suffered the “wrong” kind of damage.

Only homeowners in Meath, Kildare, Offaly, Final or Dublin whose homes were built between January 1997 and July 2012 that can prove that “no other avenue of redress is available to the homeowner” have access to the €10 million in funds.This implies that homeowners that have already tried to claim compensation for the pyrite damage from their insurance company or the constructor of the property-but have failed to do so-can access the money.

Persons who own more than one property in the affected areas, owners of commercial properties and those who have already paid our of their own pocket to have work done to safeguard the structural integrity of their property are also excluded from the aid. No compensation for property damage caused by pyrite is available from the state for homeowners when damage to their homes is due to pyrite being present in the bricks or cement used to construct the properties.

In the claims for compensation for pyrite damage that have already been received by the Pyrite Resolution Board, it appears that many people have not sought compensation from their own insurance company or from those who constructed the property. Therefore, a lot of the claims being made are being declined, and the condition of the properties deteriorates even further.

It is recommended that anybody who believes they may have a construction defect due to pyrite shift-or a defect attributable to pyrite being used in the construction of their home–seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Claims for compensation for property damage caused by pyrite are subject to time limits under the Statute of Limitations, and it is important that you do not lose your entitlement to compensation for pyrite property damage through hesitation.