Cork Man Awarded €750,000 for Scaffolding Fall

A Cork man who fell three metres from scaffolding while assisting his brother with roof repairs has been awarded €750,000 in compensation at the High Court. Patrick Rayner from Mitchelstown, Co Cork was helping his brother repair his roof in Killmallock, Co Limerick when he fell. The fall while working happened during heavy rain in December 2008.
Patrick suffered a skull injury on impact with the ground and suffered a loss of hearing, a reduction in his senses of taste and smell, and still suffers frequent headaches, Ms Justice Mary Irvine heard at the High Court.
Justice Mary Irvine heard from Patrick’s wife that his brother had not properly secured the scaffolding, and therefore had failed to provide adequate provisions for Patrick’s health and safety. Ms Justice Mary Irvine approved the settlement, saying that the case was one of a Good Samaritan which ended in tragedy.