Trigger Finger Injuries for Construction Workers

Trigger finger is characterized by the agonizing pain that makes the fingers or the thumb to fasten or hold the fingers in a flexed condition. This is usually caused by inflammatory tendons found inside a restrictive containment known as a tendon sheath. The usual infected area is the hard, tissue connector of the muscles of the arm to the finger and the bones of the thumb. This works together allowing one to flex and move the fingers and the thumb. An inflammatory tendon may cause the fingers to fall apart or disengaged when it is flexed. Trigger finger is caused by a replicating and prolong grip of power equipment. Illnesses like gout and diabetes can also be a cause of this condition.

Industrial workers exposed to power tools, farmers handling farm equipment and musicians using different kind of musical instruments are the usual victims of this disease because they are the ones who use their fingers a lot in the performance of their responsibilities. This can also be present in smokers who use commercial lighters in kindling the cigar. This is a disease more frequent in women than men aged 40 to 60. Trigger Finger symptoms begin with a swelling at the thumb and finger area. Most regular sign is a painful breaking or ticking sound when bending the affected finger. This painful condition becomes worst after a long period of hand rest but can be remedied by finger flexing. There are times when the affected area is fixed or fastened in a bent position in most serious conditions. It will require the help of the other hand to carefully unlock the flexed position. Joint tightening and hardening can also be experienced by the victim. This locking of the finger might deliberately make an industrial worker uncomfortable especially if his job is manual. Working with the hands and flexing it from time to time might remedy the symptoms but does not guarantee treatment. Special medical attention should be given especially when the swelling of the thumb and finger areas begin to manifest. Sometimes workers tend to think that swelling and the clicking sound made by the fingers when flexed are just ordinary tiredness that can be remedied by rest. As the problem becomes more serious the victim might feel uncomfortable working with his hands especially when it is locked.

f you are handling power tools and machinery or if you are playing an instrument or working in a farm using machineries, make sure you practice precautionary measures to avoid this kind of disorder. The initial attacks may not be serious so you may feel like you should just ignore them, but not doing anything to keep the condition from getting worse may end up with you needing more complex and difficult treatment. When your case of trigger finger is brought by industrial work, that should be reflected in the records, particularly in the company’s work accident book. This is a brief explanation of how and what really happened in the work area to cause the disease. Security in the work area could also be enforced by the employer with the help of a work accident book.